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This website was designed to act as a web-based platform for teaching and learning about design law. At the moment, this is accomplished through an innovative file sharing system that allows students and professors to share and find resources about design law. In the future, however, we also plan to add case studies and tutorials for the public.

How it Works

We've started the database off with a multitude of supplementary materials for the Trade Dress & Design Law casebook. However, the database is generically structured and searchable, so that any design law course can use it. All you need to do is register with our site to get started sharing!

The database is full of (1) primary source materials, like treaties, statutes, and cases (2) secondary source materials, and (3) images from important cases that couldn't be fit into the casebook. For those of you that are more visually oriented learners, we hope these extra images will enrich your learning experience.

Trade Dress & Design Law can be a tough course to teach. Among other things, it bridges several areas of IP and it requires a lot of resources. To help, we've created a separate portal for professors to share teaching materials, such as course proposals, syllabi, classroom slides, and even exams.


While the full database is much larger, this should give you a feel for how it can be used with your design law course. It contains everything from old images of the spoons in Gorham v. White, to audio files from Apple and Samsung’s most recent oral argument at the Federal Circuit. Just click on the download icon to listen or view anything in the sample database. In addition to these materials, professors will also have access to a separate database with course materials.

Book Part Chapter Generic Description Full Description or Case Name File Type Status
Copyright7LitigationStar Athletica v. Varsity Brands, No. 15-866 (US 2017)pdf
Design Patent6LitigationSamsung Electronics v. Apple, No. 15-777 (US 2016)pdf
Sui Generis8LitigationPMS International Ltd v. Magmatic Ltd [2016] UKSC 12 (9 March 2016)pdf
Design Patent6LitigationApple v. Samsung (Apple IV) (No. 2014-1335) (CAFC 2015)pdf
Design Patent5LitigationEthicon v. Covidien (No. 14-1370) (CAFC 2015)pdf
Design Patent5LitigationMRC Innovations v. Hunter Mfg. - Oral Argument from CAFCaudio
Copyright7DesignPatent No. 6109921 (Pivot Point Int'l v. Charlene Products)pdf
Trade Dress3DesignValu Engineering's Trademark Application (Valu Engineering v. Rexnord Corp.)pdf
Trade Dress3DesignD312124 (Vornado Air Circulation Sys.)pdf
Copyright7LitigationMara & Liza Comparison (Pivot Point Int'l v. Charlene Products)pdf
Copyright7LitigationPull My Finger Fred Doll & Allegedly Infringing Fartman Doll (JCW Investments v. Novelty)image
Copyright7AdministrativeCompendium of US Copyright Office Practices (3rd ed. Draft 2014)pdf
Trade Dress4DesignTrademark Reg. No. 4430996 (Christian Louboutin)pdf
Trade Dress5AdministrativeMPEP Ch 1500 (9th ed. March 2014)pdf
Sui Generis8StatutoryDesign Directive 98-71-ECpdf
Sui Generis8LitigationKaren Millen Fashions v. Dunnes Stores (ECJ, Jun 19, 2014)pdf
Design Patent6DesignEgyptian Goddess v. Swisa - prior art comparison w. '389 patentimage
Design Patent6LitigationEgyptian Goddess v. Swisa Inc (en banc) - Oral Argument (large file)audio
Copyright7LitigationMazer v. Stein (record)pdf
Sui Generis8DesignRCD181607-0001 (Apple)pdf
Design Patent6DesignD2551 (White)pdf
Design Patent6DesignD2992 (White)pdf
Sui Generis8LitigationSamsung Electronics v. Apple [2013] ECDR 2 (CA) (Oct 18, 2012)pdf
Design Patent6DesignD1440 (Gorham)pdf
Design Patent6LitigationApple v. Samsung (Apple IV) (No. 2014-1335) (Oral Argument Dec 4, 2014) - large fileaudio
Trade Dress3DesignPatent No. 3646696 (MDI's 'dual-spring' utility patent)pdf


While we hope everyone in the design law community will learn from these resources, we also hope you’ll have some fun with them, too.

With that in mind, we recently decided to accept John Oliver’s challenge to make oral arguments more fun by remixing them with his canine judiciary footage. The resulting video uses audio clips from the oral argument in MRC Innovations v. Hunter Manufacturing (the dog jersey design case). We hope you’ll enjoy - or forgive us for - our attempt at humor.

In the event that you find the video useful for introducing non-lawyers to the design patent system, we've also created a brief introduction to the issues using many of the images from the case. Click the ‘Learn More' button below to get started!

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